The Baltic Children's Fund is an organization founded and registered in Sweden, which has been financing various projects in the educational and social fields in Latvia for more than 25 years, mainly with the aim of promoting the integration of people with hearing impairments into society. During these years, the foundation has closely cooperated with the Valmieras Gaujakrastu high school - development center, the Riga Ēbelmuiža elementary school, the Latvian Association of Deaf and several other cooperation organizations. By establishing the Information and Development Center, we are implementing several projects related to the integration of the hearing impaired into the labor market, creating subsidized jobs, scholarships for obtaining higher education, as well as organizing seminars for hearing parents ofdeaf children. In recent years, the foundation also supports other representatives of society groups, not only people with hearing impairments, as a result of which cooperation has been established with the foundation "Centrs Dardedze", Gaujiena Music and Art School, Riga 1st Primary School - Development Center, Riga Stadumuiža Secondary School - Development Center and other organizations.